Generative AI

I am an active contributor to Datamine‘s Generative AI community of practice. Among other things, I’ve successfully collaborated with ChatGPT-4 to code several VBA macros to improve the Word output from MadCap Flare.

However, here’s a bit of fun: the result of a simple ChatGPT-4 prompt, “Write a sonnet about technical writing.” The accompanying image was created with Stable Diffusion and prompted by the poem.

Upon the page of stark, unblemished white,
A dance of words and phrases takes its form.
In structured lines, where clarity takes flight,
Technical writing, in its norm.

No room for flourish, nor poetic sway,
Precision is the master of this art.
Instructive prose that guides along the way,
Each word and phrase playing its part.

Yet, within this realm of cold, hard fact,
A beauty of its own begins to bloom.
The elegance of truth, succinctly packed,
Dispelling ignorance and gloom.

So, here’s to you, technical writing bold,
Your worth in clear instruction, pure as gold.