Love and do what you will

SERMON  Sixth Sunday after Epiphany  16 February 2020  Deuteronomy 10.12-22  Psalm 119.1-8  1 Corinthians 3.1-9  Matthew 5.21-37  Love and do what you will ©Suzanne Grimmett  Often when I am confronted with someone who is insistent that God is a judge who one  day will condemn some people (often certain groups of people) to eternal conscious  … Read more

The joy of an unfinished story

SERMON  St Andrew’s Anglican Church of Indooroopilly  Isaiah 58.1-9a  Psalm 112  1 Corinthians 2.1-13  Matthew 5.13-20  Fifth Sunday after Epiphany: Sunday 9 January  The joy of an unfinished story ©Suzanne Grimmett  I used to need to know  the end of every story  but these days I only  need the start to get me going.  So … Read more

Being the lucky country

SERMON  Sunday 26 January, 2020  Isaiah 9.1-4  Psalm 27.1-10  1 Corinthians 1.10-18  Matthew 4.12-25  Being the lucky country ©Suzanne Grimmett  Aristotle once defined luck as “when the guy next to you gets hit with  the arrow”.  Most of us would agree, I think, that this definition still has  uncomfortable potency in what it says about … Read more

Seeing through the cracks

SERMON  Second Sunday after Epiphany  Sunday 18 January 2020  Isaiah 49.1-7  Ps 40.1-14  1 Corinthians 1.1-19  John 1.29-42  Seeing through the cracks ©Suzanne Grimmett  Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe  impossible things.”  “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was  younger, I always did it … Read more

Forget fear and give in to adventure

SERMON  Fifth Sunday after Epiphany  Sunday 10 February  Isaiah 6.1-8  Psalm 138  1 Corinthians 15.1-11  Luke 5.1-11  Forget fear and give in to adventure © Sue Wilton   “Once….” begins today’s Gospel reading. It is a word that does function  rather like the fairy tale “Once upon a time…” beginning, meaning that  this is not a … Read more

Opening the Conversation

SERMON  3rd Sunday after Epiphany  Sunday 27 January  Nehemiah 8: 1-3,5-6, 8-10  Psalm 19  1 Corinthians 12: 12-31  Luke 4: 14-21  Opening the Conversation ©Sue Wilton  It is a morning of beginnings, it seems. The passage we have heard  from Luke’s Gospel is often heralded as the inauguration of Jesus’  public ministry; the moment when … Read more